LED module

Incorporated in 1988 Imagon Oy originally was a supplier for conventional outdoor signage & installation projects, becoming a pioneer in Finland for large size outdoor LED signage systems. Today Imagon is also a supplier of signage illumination power LED-modules and DC/DC-converters. Our core focus- development & design, production and marketing concentrate on Nordic Countries and Europe, thereby ensuring close proximity to our customer base. In 1999 Imagon started research and development work for own LED module solution to be used in channel letter and light box signs. At that time there were no suitable LED solutions available to fully meet stringent expectations. Existing LED modules were either very expensive or they were not suitable for harsh outdoor environment. In most of the cases, LED’s also lacked in luminous efficacy. These factors were basis for R&D for Imagon LED modules. Even back in 2000 we had a clear vision that in few years time LED solutions would replace neon tubes and this is already happened. Our own neon tube production ended in 2005 due to introduction of our first LED module. There was a significant demand for safe lighting solution lacking the environmental hazards of neon tubes. So far especially the progress in efficiency of white LED’s has been very significant. In 2002 luminous efficacy of white LED was about 25 lumens per watt. In comparison 2008 typical luminous efficacy is reaching 100 lm/W. In the future the efficacy improvement still continues fast. Vast improvement in luminous efficacy has led to IMAGON led module version IV, which is now in production.